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Meeting Rooms

The Village Center public meeting rooms are intended for use by non-profit organizations holding public/open meetings or events.

To reserve a room, please review the following policy first. Then, you may proceed to the reservation page by clicking Reserve Now at the bottom of this page.

All groups approved to use a Village Center public meeting room are subject to these regulations. All meetings must end and attendees must leave the building before the library closes.

meeting room Use Policy

Approved by the Library Board on March 13, 2006. Updated October 14, 2015.

The Village Center public meeting rooms may be used by the following groups and in this order of priority:

  • The Village Board
  • The Library for library-sponsored activities
  • Village Committees and Departments to carry on functions relating to the government and/or health, education, safety, culture and general welfare of the citizens of the Village of Shorewood
  • Shorewood community and school groups
  • Local non-profit groups

Groups other than Village of Shorewood departments may only use the meeting space twice per month. Special events, other than those held by Village of Shorewood departments, requiring use of the room for a full day or multiple days in a row requires one week advance notice and express permission authorized and approved by the Library Director, in consultation with the Senior Resource Center when applicable.

The Library Administration reserves the right to adjust and to rearrange meeting room schedules and room assignments as the Library/Village requirements demand. The Library reserves the right to refuse a request with less than 48 hours notice.

Groups permitted to use the rooms will be subject to the following rules:

  • The event must be open to the public. No admission fee may be charged nor may a collection be taken.
  • Meeting rooms may not be used for commercial demonstrations or sales promotions of products or services
  • Fundraising events are not allowed unless they are co-sponsored by the Library or the Village
  • Groups of young people under eighteen must have the meeting room application completed by an adult and an adult must be present at the meeting
  • A responsible person from the group will alert the library staff to open the facility and must notify the library staff when the event is over so the room can be locked
  • Groups are financially responsible for any damage, missing items, or cleaning beyond what is normally done

Granting permission to use the Village Center does not constitute endorsement by the Library or Village of the group or its activities.

The location of the event in any publicity must be listed as the Shorewood Village Center. Since the Library is separate from the Village Center meeting rooms, the Library should not be mentioned in any publicity. In order to establish the fact that the Village and the Library are not sponsoring the event, all publicity must contain the following statement:

"Sponsored by (name of the organization booking the room)"

An organization may not use the name and address of the Library or Village Center as its headquarters or as the official address of the organization. No groups may use the space more than twice a month.

Set up and Equipment:

Staff cannot set up the room. Chairs and tables are available for groups to set up themselves to meet their needs. The furniture is to be returned to the designated set up at the conclusion of the event, including putting away additional chairs and tables. There are signs posted indicating the number of chairs and tables to be left in the room, and the way in which furniture should be arranged. There is a north and south room, each with its own set up, and groups are responsible for returning the furniture to these specifications. Groups should alert Library staff if the room is found to be in disarray upon arrival.

  • If audio/visual equipment is requested, the person reserving the room should make arrangements ahead of time to learn how to use the equipment. Staff may not be available for assistance on the requested reservation date.
  • Food and beverages may be served with permission. Alcoholic beverages or smoking are not permitted.
  • The Library is not responsible for the equipment, materials or property brought to the room by the group or its members.
  • Staff should be notified of any emergency, accident, or unusual occurrence.
  • The Library Director is authorized to deny permission to any group that is disorderly or has violated any regulations.

View a map of the Village Center meeting rooms

If you have read and agreed to the policy: Reserve Now