We're Up All Night to Get Lucky

Posted Apr 30, 2014

With a book, that is. And it's more like all day than all night. But the important news is this: our Lucky Day collection is here and ready to be browsed, picked over, cherished, and, most importantly, checked out. 

Composed of current high-demand fiction - from the young adult blockbuster The Fault in Our Stars to Arianna Huffington's latest book, Thrive  - the Lucky Day collection is designed to be a score. Come in to the library and see what we've got. We cannot place holds on any of the items in the collection so whatever is here when you stop by is yours for the taking: first come, first served.

We know how long - and undesirable - the wait for the in-demand books can be. According to the survey we conducted last fall, not being able to find new books quickly is a problem. We buy new books as they're released, but everyone in Milwaukee County wants to read them right away resulting in the dreaded "Waiting List." 

The Lucky Day collection is designed to help with this problem. We will still buy bestsellers to fill holds on the waiting list, but we will also purchase additional copies that will be un-holdable - that is, they will only be available on a first come, first served basis. On the 152-person-long list for Pulitzer Prize winner The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt? Come snag a copy off the Lucky Day shelves today (while supplies last) and you'll see why we named it what we did.

Here's a bit about how it works: 

  • You'll find the Lucky Day collection currently at the front of the library on two prominent shelves. You can't miss it!
  • If you're browsing in the catalog, you'll find Lucky Day books denoted by their call number "LD." See the image to the right to see what the Lucky Day books look like in the catalog.
  • Because they are high demand (and we expect they'll fly off the shelves), the "LD" is their only call number. They are not organized by author, and fiction and non-fiction are shelved together.

The Lucky Day collection is made possible by a generous donation of $2500 from the Friends of Shorewood Public Library. The collection will be updated periodically to keep up with what you want to be reading as much as possible.

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