Technology Driven Sci Fi Reads

Posted Oct 6, 2017

This week’s science-fiction #FridayReads offer a glimpse into the future of technology.

Lost in Arcadia by Sean Gandert

It’s 2037, and social media rules the world.  Everyone is logged into Arcadia, a social media platform and virtual reality interface that seems to fulfill everyone’s social need and desire.  Juan Diego Reyes, Arcadia’s designer, now has all the wealth he could ever dream of, but he soon vanishes.  In another part of the country, Autumn and her children, Gideon, Holly, and Devon, are trying to find purpose and meaning in their lives.  All the meanwhile the nation crumbles, a religious fundamentalist is in the Oval Office, megacorporations take control, and there’s a wall dividing the United States and Mexico.  Nobody seems to notice because their lives are on Arcadia.  Can something as simple as human connection provide salvation?  

Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Judd Trichter

Eliot Lazar is in love with an android, more specifically Iris Matsuo, a C-900 robot.  However, in late 21st century Los Angeles, Eliot and Iris share a forbidden love because machines and humans are in a constant battle for control of the city.  Because of this, the couple decide to travel to Avernus, a Pacific island where humans and robots can co-habitat in peace, without fear of punishment.  However, before they are able to set sail, Iris is kidnapped, chopped, and sold for her parts.  Now Eliot is hell bent on putting her back together.  With an LAPD detective hot on his trail, Eliot must ask himself: “What will you sacrifice and how far will you go to save whomever or whatever it is you love?”

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