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Events Calendar

  • Celebrating the Great Lakes: The Future of a National Treasure

    Location: Shorewood Village Center

    In Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven, a traveling Shakespeare troupe traverses the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes are the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth by surface area, but what is the future of this national treasure? Dr. John Janssen will speak on the important role the Great Lakes plays in our lives as well as the ecological consequences invasive species have on the environment.

    Dr. John Janssen is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee's School of Freshwater Sciences. Dr. Janssen is one of the leading experts on lake fishes, with particular expertise in mapping out nursery and forage habitat that allows for productive populations of desirable fishes. His work is instrumental in fisheries management decisions made by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other regional agencies. Recently he has collaborated with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the design and construction of a “Green Breakwall” in Milwaukee’s outer harbor that has created productive habitat. He is currently mapping the aquatic habitat of Milwaukee’s entire Harbor District and providing that information to stakeholders looking to create a vibrant sport fishery and delist the harbor from the EPA’s Areas of Concern list.


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