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  • SHED Talk: The Civil Rights Movement and the Future of Milwaukee

    Location: Shorewood Village Center


    Frank Schneiger, who presented What Will the World Look Like in 100 Years? last fall, will return to discuss changing racial perceptions.  What is the white image in the black mind and the black image in the white mind and how have these perceptions changed over time?  He will also touch on the disastrous confluence of events: the white perception of a racial paradise; segregation, the civil rights movement, "white backlash" and deindustrialization.  Is Milwaukee different from other U.S. cities?  Frank will also share possibilities for trust, peace and reconciliation.  Bring your own thoughts, questions, and predictions to share.


    frank schneiger

    Frank Schneiger is the founder and president of Frank Schneiger and Associates, a management planning and consulting firm that has served a broad range of public, small business and not-for-profit organizations since 1980. 

    Among Dr. Schneiger’s accomplishments are serving as Assistant Health Commissioner for the City of New York under Mayor John Lindsay, Executive Director of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Social Services Implementation Initiative under Governor Michael Dukakis, Executive Director of the Region II Child Protective Services Institute under President Carter and Executive Assistant to Congressman James Scheuer, during which he organized the first Vietnam veterans conference to be held in the Northeast United States. He also served as the United Nations Association consultant on problems of the Soviet environment for the first Earth Day and as lead planner in the restructuring of Ukrainian higher education, a Soros Open Society initiative. He is a founder of the St.Thomas/St.John Youth Multiservice Center in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is the author of Managing in Difficult Times and Work:/What Happened?.   

    Dr. Schneiger holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Masters Degree and Ph.D. from Columbia University.

    With great honor the Shorewood Public Library and the Friends of the Shorewood Public Library welcome Frank Schneiger to our first SHED Talk series.

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