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Crime Fiction

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Autumn has brought a certain chill to the air, but this week’s #FridayReads featuring crime, suspense, mystery, and murder will add an extra chill your bones.

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Mystery Mix-Up

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Whether you’re looking to solve a puzzle or just along for the thrill, mystery novels offer us the opportunity to escape the ordinary and use our imaginations.  Crime,  murder, missing persons, and police corruption - here are three new books from our mystery shelf worth taking a crack at:

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Fiction Follow-ups

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We read books in series for comfort; to return to characters and settings that we have come to trust and even love. You can discover the worlds anew each time you pick up the next book in the series. Or, if you're particularly lucky, you can stumble upon a fully developed series for the first time and binge-read the whole thing! This month, we're digging some follow-ups and sequels and you should, too.

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Warm Up with Some Cool Reads!

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Even though there’s not any snow yet, winter officially starts next week.  Why not warm up with book?  This week’s Friday Reads feature stories surrounding winter and snow including a heart-warming fairy tale, a spine-chilling mystery, a touching story of dogsled racing, and, of course, a winter romance.  Read your winter blues away with a good book!     

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